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Speech of The Day (244) - commissioned 58 graduates of the VIth Cadet Course at Aba Dina Police College in Addis Ababa

On Tuesday, June 2,1959, His Imperial Majesty
Haile Selassie I commissioned 58 graduates of
the VIth Cadet Course at Aba Dina Police
College in Addis Ababa, To the speech of Major
Berhane Teferra, Head of the College His ImPerial
Majesty replied as follows,.:

" Because, with the expansion and improvement of
schools, Our large number of students have proven
worthy of Our trust and that of the foreign instructors
in Our employ, We felt especially happy today at Our
presentation of certificates to graduates of the Vlth
Cadet Course of this College. We are happy at the fact
that Our lasting wishes have been successfully realized.  
That the graduation of this class of cadets has been
possible through the leadership and training efforts of
former graduates of the College, is vivid example that
the Police Force has achieved marked progress towards,
self-sufficiency. Not only is to day's graduation evidence
of the fruits of labour of Ethiopian officers, it is also an
instance which shows that the police organization has
reached a stage of self-sufficiency. The overlapping of these
two circumstances should be a source of pride to the
cadets who have completed this course. It is also a
milestone in the development of the Police Force that
merits honourable mention in its history.
Because it is Our everlasting desire that other institu-
tions of learning achieve this stage of advancement, it is
Our hope that they will maintain a state of constant
vigilance to strive forward to attain self-competency.
The responsibilities of a police-man entail trustworthiness
and fortitude. We have, on the occasions of Our visits
here, never failed to remind you of the gravity of your
responsibilities in your role as public servants. Now
that you have acquired the basic knowledge needed to
safeguard the rights of men, again We urge you to keep
them constantly in mind when you will be assigned
to your posts.
Since you all know what is expected of a police
officer as well as a private, We need not go into the
details, but urge you to work diligently at all times. If
you pursue your duties with proper judgment and foresight,
the public and especially your instructors will be
proud of you. We have said that the completion of this
course is the result of the efforts of Ethiopian officers.
We wish to express Our thanks to you present instructors,
and to the Swedish police officers who, since the founding
of the College, have, with unwavering hard work,
paved the path for those who have now successfully
taken over.
Learning never ceases. Your learning has just
begun and its end will come only when your work has
proved rewarding. The education you have acquired
so far will prepare you for your future work. But
in these times, when day to day changes are anticipated,
you must always keep in mind the fact that you have not
ceased to learn. That you may pursue your education
in the modern techniques of police activities, We have
arranged for the employment of new personnel who will
help to further train you. We hope that you will
endeavour to uphold the name you have made, for which
We have today, expressed pleasure, and strive to better
serve Our people with due regard to their utmost welfare.

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 133 -      

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