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Speech of The Day (304) - received 22 students who were leaving for special training to the US

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, on August
30, 1957 received 22 students who were leaving
for special training in the United States under a
jointly sponsored programme of the Ethiopian
Government & Point Four.

"When we established the first public school in our
country some of you were perhaps too young, or may be
some of you were not yet born. Naturally, educational
institutions as exist today were subsequently established
in the face of enormous difficulties and the expansion of
education progressively continues. With the help of the
Almighty Who guides the destiny of mankind, the educational
system has moved from the elementary level through
the secondary and has now reached higher education
given in our colleges. Our pleasure increases day by day
as we recall the initial efforts made to establish education
and see the fruits which grow therefrom.
For example, in the military field, the youth selected
for training in our military academy and in the Imperial
Body Guard Cadet training centre have prouduced
fruits of service in the army and elsewhere which are
gratifying. Even now we continue to select young
men thought fit for various military academies and in
various other fields of higher education.
Education, may be linked to a large tree with many
branches. It comprises various categories of instruction
and discipline each of which, like medicine, engineering,
naval and military science, police-craft and aviation
which calls for specialised studies, is among the vitally
important activities of a nation. Today you, both young
men and women, are seen taking part in these fields of
The benefits of education may be viewed in two ways;
the first, as you mentioned in your speech, is in lifting
the standard of the nation. Secondly, in the shaping and
development of one's character which might reflect in the
direction of both good and evil. It should be your will
and desire to eschew evil and always pursue the good.
For, as disease could be contagious from father to son
through blood, in the same way the character of the
present generation could be contagious to succeeding
ones. It is with this in mind that you should view your
opportunity for education which is as enduring as life
As we have repeatedly mentioned, our efforts to
increase the number of students and to progressively
lift the standard of education will continue through the
entire span of our life. To be chosen to pursue further
studies is not enough; to be able to accomplish the task
for which one has been chosen should be considered the
crowning jewel of such a choice. After the accomplishment
of your goal you will surely be in a better position
to exercise your capabilities, to fulfil your ambitions and
to render the type of service required of you. We pray
that the Almighty, therefore, would aid you to be of
service to Us and also to serve your country."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 11 -

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