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28.03. - 2 - Speech Of The Day - INAUGURATING PEPSI-COLA PLANT


….. It always gives Us pleasure to see the rapid establishment of industries in Ethiopia. Big or small, industries are vital instruments for the development and progress of a nation and for the improved standard of living of its people. The services which industries render to a nation are not solely limited to producing various articles for the benefit of the people: they also provide opportunities of gainful employment.
The advent of modernization and progress entail new modes of life, and this new mode of life demands, to a certain extent, the establishment of industries for processing food products.
The expansion of food processing plants should go hand in hand with those producing drinks and beverages. A shortage in the former would create an imbalance in the needs of an improved standard of living. Therefore, We hope that more attention shall be given to the expansion of food processing industries, while setting up beverage plants. We extend our thanks to all those who have contributed in the establishment of this factory. We are pleased to see Ethiopians participate as share-holders in such factories, and it is with pleasure that We open today this Pepsi-Cola factory.

March 28, 1966

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 533 –   

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