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01.09. - 1 - Speech Of The Day - Receiving eight visiting Educational Officers from Eritrea

On Tuesday, September 1, 1959, His Imperial
Majesty Haile Se lassie I, received at the
Guenet Leul Palace in Addis Ababa eight visiting
Educational Officers from Eritrea. The educa-
tional Officers were presented to His Imperial
Majesty by H.E. Vice-Minister of Education.
To the address made by Alo Asfeha Kahsaye,
Director of Education in Eritrea, His Majesty
the Emperor replied as follows:

"You have in your address made it evident that
there is a great deal of difference between seeing for
oneself and hearing. We have made it Our life ende-
avour to see that education be spread throughout the
Ethiopian Empire, with particular attention to the
educational needs of the Eritrean people, who during the
long years of Italian occupation had been the victims of
the denial of education. Our aim is to afford equal
educational opportunities in order to enhance the real
sense of national unity.
Your statement gives ample proof that Our constant
desire for the welfare of Our people has materialised.
The existence of school buildings, however is inadequate,
unless a desire for education becomes part and parcel of
the thinking of the people, including the students and the
It is your duty to call to Our attention problems that
need Our attention and at the same time to exert your
endeavours for the attainment of the goal We have
envisaged. You should always feel at home when you
visit the capital and extend the same accomodation and
spirit to those who visit you, thus fulfilling the golden
rule of education which is intended to increase friendly,
civic communion."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 161 -

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