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15.04. - 2 - Speech Of The Day - April 15, 1959, AFRICA DAY

On April 15, 1959, in Addis Ababa, His Imperial
Majesty Haile Selassie I made the following

"On this Africa Day, the first anniversary of the
convening of the All-African Conference of Accra,
We send Our Greetings and those of Our beloved People,
to all the Leaders and Peoples of this Great Continent.
The Conference of Accra marked a significant stage
in the struggle towards freedom for all African peoples
and the progress since achieved more than justifies the
hopes which We had all reposed in that Conference.
In the short space of one year, We have welcomed
to Our midst the new independent state of Guinea. We
hope, by the end of the coming year to witness the attainment
to independence of the Cameroons, Togoland
and the present Trust Territory of Somaliland. Representatives
of the peoples of Africa have convened
in Our Capital City of Addis Ababa last December and
laid far-reaching and realistic plans for the economic
integration of the continent and cooperation in the
struggle against the legacy of ignorance and poverty.
We confidently hope in yet greater progress in all fields
before the convening next year, in Addis Ababa of the
Second All-African Conference.
Such achievements in the last twelve months and
in the months to come have been justified and can be
continued because of the fundamental unity which
binds all African peoples. It is a unity springing from
centuries of struggle against domination, from a shared
realisation that we must all gird our strength to repair
the havoc wrought by years of indifference, from trust
and confidence in each other. We sustain an abiding
conviction in the courage and intelligence of the peoples
of this Continent. With freedom from restraints, there
should be nothing to prevent the African peoples of
today from achieving in a spontaneous and youthful
surge of collaboration, the attainment of those very
ideals, so long denied to the peoples of our Continent.
Against this background and with these hopes in
mind, all leaders of Africa and their peoples have followed
with great concern and sympathy the brave struggle
of the peoples of Central Africa to achieve those
same goals, ideals which some of the African independent
states have defended at such great sacrifices. It
must be realized that the peoples and territories of Africa
can no longer be regarded as preserves of colonial
interests or the continued objects of imperialist designs.
Unfortunately, that truth is apparently still to be learned
by others. Until the entire continent becomes the
home of the free and until every man and every people
can, in peace, labour for the advancement and welfare
of the family and homeland, the ideals and objectives
which We have proclaimed to the world at Accra and
Addis Ababa, shall not have been attained.
The African peoples can, at this time, by their close
co-operation and mutual assistance, demonstrate to a
world torn by political differences and ideologies and
economic rivalries, a fruitful example of unity and
It is the high mission of us all to build for the future
on this solid foundation of profound unity and understanding
and such are the thought and meaning with
which we are today celebrating and, will, over the years,
continue to celebrate Africa Day.
Confident in the guidance and support of the Almighty,
and concerned as we are, that the fruits of
education and toil may be enjoyed by all and that the
peoples of this continent may, at last, assume their
rightful place in the conferences of nations, we call
upon all to remain steadfast and together, in one continental
brotherhood, to labour for the liberation, the
progress and the welfare of the struggling peoples of
the Continent of Africa."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 120 -

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