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Speech of The Day (10): OAU Headquarters

OAU Headquarters

The Organization of African Unity stands today as a string and important organ of the promotion of peace and progress ever devised on this continent. It is only a brief period since the heads of the independent African states assembled in solemn conclave here at Addis Ababa for the first time to translate into action the cherished aims and aspirations of the African people for African Unity and fraternity, and already the Organization of African Unity has proved its worth not merely as a symbol but as a practical and effective organ. Thus, it is with high expectation for the future that we come today to dedicate this building as a permanent home for the OAU secretariat.
                During Our visits to African countries, We have witnessed among the continent`s diverse peoples and cultures the same spirit for progress, the same belief in liberty and independence and ultimate world peace and prosperity. We know that the peoples of Africa share common aims and interests, and it is this knowledge wich has provided the firm foundation for the OAU itself. If the peoples of Africa continue to work for the promotion of these common aims and interests, then the OAU will be even more strong and secure.
                It is fitting that We should today again reaffirm Ethiopia`s unswerving support for the OAU. We, personally, and Our peoples shall continue to devote all efforts and energies to the growth of the OAU and the principles for wich it stands.

Oct. 7, 1965

Important Utterances of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I - page 383 -

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  1. Let us commemorate the holy day when our Emperor and Savior Qädamawi Haile Selassie was crowned Negus Tafari Makonnen on 7th October 1928.

    Words of the King, concerning this event:

    'When everything that was required for this festival of Kingship had been prepared, the whole great ceremony which is enacted for crowning a King of the Ethiopian Empire took place on 27th Maskaram 1921 (= 7th October 1928); We received the crown from the hands of Empress Zawditu, and the festive day passed off with dignity.' - 'My Life and Ethiopia's Progress, Volume One: 1892-1937', Chapter 24