Donnerstag, 29. November 2012



We are pleased to welcome in Our capital delegates from a number of African countries and from countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the international specialists in sanitation who have come to participate in this Inter-Regional Seminar on Community Water Supply.
We wish to felicitate the World Health Organization for its initiative in organizing this so important Seminar and thank every person who has co-operated and assisted in its preparation.
It is well known that no life is possible without water but it may not always be so widely known that if water is not of a good quality it may spread disease and thus impair the health of the people who utilize it. It should also be known that water is not only necessary for consumption but also for personal cleanliness which in turn is such an important factor in preventing diseases and promoting the general health and well-being of man.
We are therefore gratified to see that leading personalities from so many countries are assembled here to discuss together with prominent sanitation specialists ways and means of providing their communities with safe water sup-plies. And We hope that this Seminar will be an incentive to develop and improve the basic agent of personal hygiene as well as of environmental sanitation: namely, the ready availability of abundant and safe water.
We wish the Seminar the very best success in its deliberations.

Nov. 29, 1960.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie - page 212 –             

Speech of The Day (85): Laying Cornerstone of the Fincha Hydro-Electric Dam

Laying Cornerstone of the Fincha Hydro-Electric Dam

Important Utterances of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I - page 253 -

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Speech of The Day (84): Awarding Diplomas to Students of The College of Engineering in Addis Ababa

On Friday, November 27,1959, His Imperial
Majesty attended the Commencement Exercises
at the College of Engineering in Addis Ababa.
Below is His Imperial Majesty's speech in reply
to H.E.Lidj Endalkatchew Makonnen, Vice-
Minister of Education :

"It is a source of much pleasure for Us to be here
today when you, the graduating students who have
successfully completed your courses at the College of
Engineering, will receive from Our hands the diplomas
which testify to the achievements of your years of study
at this institution.
This is a memorably happy day both for you gradua-
tes and for Us, for each graduation ceremony at one of
the numerous institutions of higher learning which have
been established throughout Our Empire at Our command
represents another step forward along the path of
progress for Our beloved country which it has been Our
mission and destiny to mark out for her. In the education
of her youth and the training in modern knowledge of
the younger generation lies the hope of Ethiopia and the
key to her future. Of those to whom much has been given
will much de demanded. And you will one day be
required to render an accounting of that which has been
trusted to you.
The challenge which lies before you today is great.
If you are successful in this struggle, you will reflect
credit upon yourself and upon your country. Many
have reached enviable success in engineering without the
benefit of academic training. In the early days, technical
schools and universities with special courses did not
exist, and young men secured their training by years of
apprenticeship or the techniques of its solution. How
much more fortunate are you today, how much greater
your chances of success in your chosen profession, and
how much more you owe to those who have made your
education and training possible.
This institution and its graduates promise much for
the future development of Our country. We are
assiduous in Our efforts continuously to improve the
scope and extent of the training which students receive
here, to expand the facilities which are at their disposal
and build more schools to meet the increasing demand
for education.
Before We present your diplomas to you, We would
add one word of advice and counsel. The achievement
which you today realize is praiseworthy, and you merit,
and have, Our congratulations. But do not let your ac-
complishment blind you to its true value. Do not, in
contemplating the past, overlook the limitations which
still hamper you. Do not let possession of this diploma
beguile you into the belief superior beings, that the mark
of education sets you apart from your less fortunate
fellowmen, that you have outgrown and can dispense
with the traditions and customs of your country.
There is still much to learn; knowledge is inexhausti-
ble, much arduous and discouraging toil lies ahead of
you. Cultivate the mental attitude of humility and
perseverence which will see you safely through the
period of toil and labour which awaits you. Undertake
no service inconsistent with the public welfare, but
strive with unrelenting effort to improve the conditions
of life of Our people, for thus you will realize Our, and
We trust, your fondest hope for the advancement of Our
beloved country.
If you do these things, you will keep faith with
your country, your countrymen and with Us.
We would extend Our thanks to all who have
contributed to making this day possible. The present
and past deans and faculty . of the college and all those
who have laboured so diligently in the cause of the
education of the students in attendance here, to you are
thanks due. The teaching profession is a noble one,
and we can all learn much and profit from the example
set by their devoted and unselfish efforts.
We are pleased with the words expressed by the
Vice-Minister of Education. We are happy to see that
Our aim for the welfare of Our people is already taking

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Speech of The Day (83): Awarding Diplomas at Mulugeta Buli Technical School

Awarding Diplomas at Mulugeta Buli Technical School

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