Mittwoch, 29. April 2015



This Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the founding by Us, of the Guenet Military Training Centre is evocative of a long and decisive period, a culminating era of Ethiopian history.
It has fallen to few countries of this world to struggle, alone, unaided but successfully, for the preservation of their independence. To still fewer has it been the good fortune which has been vouchsafed to Us by the Almighty Protector, to have been able to defend that independence over so long a span of history.
Many and severe have been the waves of attack which have beaten against the fastnesses of Our beloved homeland. Numerous have been the occasions when the way of compromise offered its tempting vistas. Yet, throughout her three thousand years of independence, Ethiopia has always sought to defend herself alone but for the transcendent aid and courage inspired by a devout faith in the Almighty. In her national defence, as in her national life, as it is recorded in Holy Writ: “Ethiopia stretches out her hands unto God.”
The military chronicles of the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, the victories of Dogali and of Adowa in the 19th and the ever-memorable defence entered upon under Our leadership but a few months following the establishment of the Guenet Military Training Centre, as indeed the founding of that institution itself, all testify with eloquence to the traditional determination of Ethiopia to defend herself by her own means, without compromise and without quarter.

Founded on Eve of Italo-Ethiopian War

Thus by founding of that Military Training Centre on the eve of the most momentous struggle in her history, Ethiopia demonstrated to the world her unshakable confidence in victory through the courage and military virtues of her people. This resolve has never vacillated under Our Reign. While engaging military experts from abroad, while purchasing arms within the limits of her capacity, Ethiopia has never compromised her independence however pressing the exigencies of the hour.
We recall with gratitude the services of the Swedish Military Officers who made the initial and expertly successful contribution towards the functioning of the Military Training Centre and whose successors are today continuing their collaboration in the building of a strong and modern national army. Belgian military tradition and science have also made their valued contribution towards the resilient Imperial Body Guard.
In addition to the invaluable assistance of the British during the liberation of Ethiopia at a time when Ethiopia lay vulnerable and exhausted from the struggle of national liberation, the British Military Mission made a powerful and never-to-be forgotten contribution towards the rebuilding of a modern Army and in these very walls resumed the instruction and the academic traditions suspended in the hours of bitter conflict. If today, Ethiopia stands to the forefront among the military forces in Africa and the Middle East, it is due to this vital military tradition, to the strong sense of discipline inculcated over the years within this Training Centre by devoted officers from abroad and today to the generous support in arms, equipment and instructors furnished by the United States of America.

Welcome Helpers, Guests

On this memorable occasion, We, therefore, particularly welcome the representatives of those States who have played a significant role in the history of this Training Centre. At the same time, We are gratified to note the presence of the distinguished representatives of Our sister States in Africa, here to testify to the solidarity and common determination of all African States to defend together the cause of freedom in Africa.
Your struggles, like those of Ethiopia, stand as an inspiration to our brothers who are still striving towards the goal of independence. The facts of history stand to confirm to them the importance and efficacy of self-help and courage in the struggle for freedom. It is the duty of those States who have already gained their independence, to collaborate in all fields and ways, to strengthen and broaden the bases and armatures of the free and independent politics of Africa, and promptly to come to the defence of those nations yet to be born when, in the difficult first hours after birth, their freedom could be threatened or indeed, stifled. It is in this larger context that this and all other national institutions of African States must be constantly viewed.

African Unity, Cornerstone

Unity should be the cornerstone of relations among African States for it would ensure confidence and co-operation. Disunity, on the other hand, while dissipating their strength, always ends in regrettable results. For this reason, We are making arrangements to grant scholarships to Our African brothers to study in Our military institutions.
In but a few weeks, the Independent African States will convene in Our Capital to explore the means and avenues for advancing this high cause of the freedom, independence and progress of the African peoples. It is Our conviction that the Guenet Military Training Centre has already, during the last quarter of a Century, well served this noble objective. May a yet broader and more fructifying mission be reserved, in the coming years, to this institution which has so well earned the lasting gratitude of Our beloved people.
Mutual confidence and collaboration should exist among the African Nations. As disunity always brings regrettable results, it is with this object in view that We are granting scholarships in Our military institutions to Our African brothers.
In conclusion we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the delegations from friendly countries who have come to join in the celebration of this Silver Jubilee of this Military Training Centre for the Souvenirs given by them as well as to our military units and civil administration, which certainly express the thoughtfulness for the welfare of this institution.
                                                                                                                                            Apr. 29, 1960.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 61 –

HIM QHS with one foot on an undetonated bomb shortly after an Italian air bombardment during the Italo-Ethiopian War 1935-1936 near Addis Ababa - everything around HIM and His entourage had been destroyed but they kept safe and secure.

Montag, 27. April 2015



….. To be able to say that there are one hundred thousand students, one has to start with one.

It is over twenty-five years ago that We had conceived the idea of building this School, but as everything is bound to be accomplished with man as initiator and God as executor, it was built in its destined time and formally opened twenty-five years ago.
On this occasion when We celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Teferi Makonnen School and recall the struggle We made to overcome the opposing internal political forces that We encountered at the time when, having the building completed, We were recruiting teachers and gathering students in order to get the work started, We thank Our God who helped Us to achieve Our aim.
Ever since the day We were elected by God to be the leader of Our beloved Nation, Our wholehearted desire has been to expand education with which Our people will develop and guarantee their independence, and since Our accession to the power of leadership, We have put on this cause Our utmost efforts as much as events permitted. And this school the Silver Jubilee of which We are celebrating today, has rendered evident Our desire and effort.
Among those who, in support of Our idea, have helped Us to found this School, We thank all who are alive and remember those like the late Blattenguetta Hiruy.
There have been gentlemen and ladies who, sharing Our conviction that there is no instrument better than education for the development of Ethiopia and the welfare of Our Nation, helped Us in different ways. Some of them have done so by inspiring their children to go to school and others by contributing financially to this cause, to an extent that proved their realization of the benefit of education. In this connection, We do not pass without remembering those, for instance, like the late Dej. Habtemariam Gabregziabier, who sent to the school twenty-three boys together with the school fees.
The names of the persons who had shown their good-will to support Our idea and expressed the love for education were written at the school hall in golden letters on the roll of honour which was removed by the enemy, and has now been renewed and restituted.
The Teferi Makonnen School started working guided by the internal regulations We had provided to it, with Dr. Workneh as Principal and a Frenchman called Monsieur Jean Guillon, as Director and concurrently teacher. Under them, there were both foreign and Ethiopian teachers for French and English languages and the number of students increased from day to day.


After a few years when it was arranged for the pupils of Teferi Makonnen School to receive examinations sent from schools in Europe, there were many who passed the examinations and obtained elementary school certificates. When We were then satisfied with the intelligence of the Ethiopian pupils and the diligence of the teachers, We were encouraged to double Our efforts. As We used to see for Ourselves, whenever We visited the School, their diligence which was resulting in the advancement of the pupils, We still remember the teachers who were here at that time.
Then We had only these students who proved progressive and diligent in their studies sent abroad for pursuing their education. Whereas most of these flowers of youth grown in this School were destroyed by Italy’s massacre, some have been spared by God and are now serving their country. But when We thought of sending them abroad for education, there was a great obstacle between orientation abroad and preparation at home, and the struggle We faced was worse.
But convinced that a nation is seen highly possessed of works of civilization due to its heritage of refinement from past generations and not as a result of work accomplished in one generation, and realizing that such heritage demands countless sacrifices, We exerted a great effort in order to remove current difficulties and to pave the way for the coming generations, and by faith passed the trial.
Moreover, as it was Our desire to improve all possible ways of distributing education to all the Ethiopian population, there has never been one We have not helped whenever an individual or a society wished to preach education to the Ethiopians or to open a school.

Other Schools

To Our Programme aimed at enabling the youth of Ethiopia to be prepared for the help of their country in different professions acquired by education and training, We had reinforced the establishment of modern systems capable of maintaining law and order, as well as of safe-guarding the security of the country, such as the Regular Army, Police and Air Force, and in general We had done all to have all systems of public education go hand in hand.
Even though work and time have a limited scope to human capacity, We were convinced that by working with faith, perseverance, firmness and foresight, it was possible to accomplish much. And Our efforts have been aided by avoiding arrears of work pending for the coming generations so that there might emerge a generation up to date with modern civilization to pursue its current life, and when We were organizing such a peaceful life for Our Nation, We had secured for it the international guarantee of peace by joining the League of Nations and signing the Kellog Convention.
But there came an enemy who interrupted Our peaceful work of leading Ethiopia to a high civilization and by invading Our country, destroyed all the products of Our work. Had it not been for all the various obstacles which We encountered and which hindered Our work, it is obvious that the result of Our initiative for the purpose of having Ethiopia combine her ancient civilization with the modern world progress would have appeared much earlier. Nevertheless, We thank God for the kindness We have never missed.
Although it had, following the invasion of the enemy, fallen sick for some time, the Teferi Makonnen School which We see today as a young school of twenty-five years has, in accordance with its age, served a generation and is therefore, seen with its head upright.
When We inaugurated this school twenty-five years ago, We extolled the merciful Lord and said: “To be able to say that there are one hundred thousand students, one has to start with one.”
Today in Ethiopia, there are more than 100,000 students. Hence, We feel very happy at the celebration of the 25th year of Teferi Makonnen School, where We have expressed Our wishes and see that the mercy of God is limitless.
We feel deeply sorry when We recall the memory of the youngsters who were educated at this school and who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their Emperor and country. When We turn to those who are alive and rendering valuable service to their country, including those who are attending this inauguration as well as those who are on duty in distant places, Our sorrow changes into happiness.
And you, students, should realize that for the benefit of Ethiopia and for Our Nation, Our most important work at present is the preparation of educated generations for Ethiopia, and We fervently hope that you will prove worthy of Our efforts for this purpose. We thank those who have been supporting Us in this cause and We strongly ask them to continue their support.
Ap. 27, 1950

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 70 –


Sonntag, 26. April 2015



By establishing for our people educational institutions ranging from the elementary level to that of a University College, we have enabled their natural intelligence to be reinforced by acquired knowledge. In this our object has been to raise their standard of living, for in so far as they profit from the education they receive, so may they improve their material resources.
Our efforts in this sense are being fulfilled as far as the children and young people are concerned. But we feel it incumbent upon us to take thought also for those other folk who, by reason of their age, or of their occupation or position, are unable to receive the advantage derived from modern education. It was to give practical expression to this thought that we previously issued instructions indicating that all our people should acquire fundamental education; that they should read and write Amharic, the official language of the country, and if possible learn additional subjects in foreign fields. Since these instructions were issued, basic education is progressing satisfactorily, and people are frequenting schools assiduously and in large numbers.
The products of learning and knowledge, then benefit the life of mankind; and these fruits of education to the cultivation of which we ever devote our energies should be shared by all our people throughout our Empire. However, to obtain this objective, capable teachers must be secured; it was in the pursuit of this aim, that we directed this building to be constructed as a special Teachers Training Centre. Now that the work of construction is finished, and that of instruction has begun, we give thanks to the Almighty, who has granted to us to preside today over the ceremony of its inauguration.

Must Ripen and Mature

So far, through the existing education facilities, not only have many children and adults been spared from being branded as illiterates, but many too are they who have reached the University level and completed their studies there. Folks crowd the doors of centres of learning, and a number of them pass in and out of them; but that is not enough. What we desire for our people in future consists of three main objectives: First, that every Ethiopian may be spared from illiteracy; second, that through the development of his own inborn capabilities he may become not a liability but an asset to his nation, and a benefit to himself, to his neighbourhood, and to his country; third, that he must ripen and mature in knowledge and education, and pass them on to posterity. In addition, in this day and age, he must keep far from his mind the belief that he knows quite enough. The educated person will consider and weigh the welfare of the individual and the community, and will form critical judgements, while retaining the fear of his Creator.
For the higher educational institutions which, with much effort, we have established – such as the Agricultural College, the Building College and the University College – enough students have not been found. In several countries of the world we see persons who do work of various kinds during the day, in order to get the necessary money to live by, in the evening they devote their time to study, and to reach a sufficient level of education to qualify as doctors or engineers. Such men, who have the love of learning in their hearts, show us how age need not prove a hindrance. Therefore you should strive assiduously to make yourselves, by education, worthy men; and for this it matters not whether it be by day or by night, nor whether you be child or adult, man or woman.
As the Gospel tells us, a house built upon strong foundations can never be overthrown by storms. Similarly, when people are built up with minds well formed by education and knowledge, no trial of whatever kind can conquer them. Therefore, as regards the teachers who go forth from this Centre, prepared for the tasks ahead, it is our hope that they will advise, help and teach their brothers living in the country districts, in matters of health, of husbandry, of handicraft, and in other useful spheres, placing the knowledge they have gained from new cultural methods at the service of each and every Ethiopian.

Firm Structure

As for Ourselves, in every task wherein We labour, Our chief aim is that Our beloved people shall, during Our reign, proceed apace along the path of culture, improving their individual condition and living a life of peace, prosperity and happiness.
And when we say that, it is essential that our people should fully understand the following point. Unless each beam be sound, the whole structure of a house cannot be firm; and so, unless each Ethiopian citizen improves his own individual lot by culture, educating himself and his children, and making his family healthy and prosperous, capable and industrious, he cannot benefit his beloved land and the realm of Ethiopia. Similarly, if a man is sick, in one part of his body, his whole constitution is upset. It is the same with a people. Unless each man’s life be complete, displaying education and prosperity, the people as a whole cannot share in common a flourishing existence, nor can it give its government cause for pride. It is for this reason that we place our full hope in the teachers who go forth from this Centre – that through them, our people may receive, in respect of their individual lives, the help which we wish to be extended to them.
In the planning of this Community Education Teachers Training Centre we have received assistance from persons who have experience in this field, and to them – the experts of Point Four and of UNESCO – we express our thanks. We are convinced that the work wherein they have collaborated with us will prosper.
We sincerely thank the U. S. Government for its assistance in the establishment of this school. We also appreciate the good words expressed by H.E. the U.S. Ambassador and for the spirit of co-operation he has shown.
It is, therefore, with deep satisfaction that we inaugurate and declare open, the Community Education Teachers Training Centre at Debre Berhan.
April 26, 1957.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 76 –      

Sonntag, 19. April 2015

19.04. - 1 - Speech Of The Day - BURIAL OF THE CONGO CASUALTIES


You heroes,
You carried to the sister State of the Congo the bravery and heroism which your country gained from her ago-long struggle for the love of freedom. You sacrificed your lives in defence of the principle of Collective Security. Your sacrifice has borne the desired fruit and the Congo is united today.
You have honourably executed the orders given to you by Us. You have died in support of the peace mission entrusted to the United Nations. This is a great example. Ethiopia takes pride in her Armed Forces. It has been said death comes as a pleasure to the hero. You have fallen for a noble cause and in so doing have lived up to what is expected of a good, solid soldier. This immortalizes your names in the pages of history. You are dead but the service you have done will live after you, and would keep you in the memory of the living.
It has been said that dust shall return to dust. You sons of Adam have fallen for the honour of your country and for the pride of your people. History shall preserve your names. Ethiopia places you alongside her heroes. May you rest in peace.
                                                                                                                                            Apr. 19, 1963.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 652 –

A stamp printed in the Ethiopia, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of HIM QHS

Samstag, 18. April 2015

18.04. - 1 - Speech Of The Day - TO AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON AFRICA


... The tide which is sweeping Africa today cannot be stayed. No power on earth is great enough to halt or to reverse the trend. Its march is as relentless and inexorable as the passage of time. ...

Today, Africans and friends of Africa everywhere are celebrating Africa Freedom Day. Observance of this Day testifies to what is undoubtedly one of the most significant phenomena of this post-war world – the liberation from the bonds which have so long fettered the millions of Africans to whom, but a short time ago, freedom and independence were but distant dreams. Within the post-war period, the number of independent African nations has more than doubled; next year, additional states will achieve their independence; and each year that follows will see ever increasing numbers of Africans enjoying these most precious of Almighty God’s gifts.
The tide which is sweeping Africa today cannot be stayed. No power on earth is great enough to halt or reverse the trend. Its march is as relentless and inexorable as the passage of time. The day is long overdue for a change of attitude on the part of those nations which have heretofore sought to hinder or impede this movement or which have been content in the past to remain passive in the face of the impassioned cries for freedom, for justice, for the right to stand with their fellowmen as equals, which have gone up from this Continent. It is time for them to enlist their sympathetic efforts on behalf of the struggle of the African peoples to gain the place in the world which is their God-given birthright. Those who hail or refuse to do so, those who lack the vision and foresight to realize that Africa is emerging into a new era, that Africans will no longer be denied the rights which are inalienably theirs, will not alter or reverse the course of history, but will only suffer the inevitable consequences of their refusal to accept reality.
What is there to be learned from the events now occurring on the African Continent? It must be recognized too, that Africa, its people, its present and its future, are of vital concern to everyone, no matter how far removed geographically. In the past, America has too often been content to remain relatively unconcerned about events in Africa, too ready to stand on the sidelines of African history as a disinterested observer. This policy will not serve today, and the attitude which the American people and Government now adopt towards Africa indicates that they too realize that a new Africa has emerged on the world scene. As a result, however, Americans have been largely uninformed about us, our peoples, our problems. Among other peoples, more and more is gradually coming to be known, but mainly, We would venture, because the peoples of Africa have forced the rest of the world to pay heed to them and to harken to the stirrings and reverberations which have resounded throughout this Continent in the last decade.

Africa and U.S.A.

The American people can make a significant contribution to guaranteeing that a deep and abiding friendship exists between Africa and the United States of America. Learn more about us; learn to understand our backgrounds, our culture and traditions, our strengths and weaknesses. Learn to appreciate our desires and hopes, our problems, our fears. If we truly know one another, a solid and firm basis will exist for the maintenance of the friendly relations between the African and the American peoples, which – We are convinced – both so ardently desire. You may be assured that there will be no failure in the warm and brotherly response from our side.
In the midst of the strife and turmoil which marks Africa today, the African peoples still extend the hand of friendship. But it is extended to those who desire the progress and the political and economic freedom of the African people, who are willing generously and without thought of selfish gain to assist us to our feet that we may stand by their side as brothers. We are convinced that there are countless millions of such to be found throughout the world. We know that those to whom We send this message, who are today assembled in New York City to join in the celebration of Africa Freedom Day, are numbered among them. To them, We send Our warmest greetings and Our prayers that the purpose which today unites them may be soon realized.
We must thank the American Committee on Africa which has made it possible for Us to send these words to you today. The cause which you espouse is a noble and just one and, with the help of Almighty God, will triumph.
Apr. 18, 1960.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 204 –   &

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 117 -


Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

15.04. - 2 - Speech Of The Day - April 15, 1959, AFRICA DAY

On April 15, 1959, in Addis Ababa, His Imperial
Majesty Haile Selassie I made the following

"On this Africa Day, the first anniversary of the
convening of the All-African Conference of Accra,
We send Our Greetings and those of Our beloved People,
to all the Leaders and Peoples of this Great Continent.
The Conference of Accra marked a significant stage
in the struggle towards freedom for all African peoples
and the progress since achieved more than justifies the
hopes which We had all reposed in that Conference.
In the short space of one year, We have welcomed
to Our midst the new independent state of Guinea. We
hope, by the end of the coming year to witness the attainment
to independence of the Cameroons, Togoland
and the present Trust Territory of Somaliland. Representatives
of the peoples of Africa have convened
in Our Capital City of Addis Ababa last December and
laid far-reaching and realistic plans for the economic
integration of the continent and cooperation in the
struggle against the legacy of ignorance and poverty.
We confidently hope in yet greater progress in all fields
before the convening next year, in Addis Ababa of the
Second All-African Conference.
Such achievements in the last twelve months and
in the months to come have been justified and can be
continued because of the fundamental unity which
binds all African peoples. It is a unity springing from
centuries of struggle against domination, from a shared
realisation that we must all gird our strength to repair
the havoc wrought by years of indifference, from trust
and confidence in each other. We sustain an abiding
conviction in the courage and intelligence of the peoples
of this Continent. With freedom from restraints, there
should be nothing to prevent the African peoples of
today from achieving in a spontaneous and youthful
surge of collaboration, the attainment of those very
ideals, so long denied to the peoples of our Continent.
Against this background and with these hopes in
mind, all leaders of Africa and their peoples have followed
with great concern and sympathy the brave struggle
of the peoples of Central Africa to achieve those
same goals, ideals which some of the African independent
states have defended at such great sacrifices. It
must be realized that the peoples and territories of Africa
can no longer be regarded as preserves of colonial
interests or the continued objects of imperialist designs.
Unfortunately, that truth is apparently still to be learned
by others. Until the entire continent becomes the
home of the free and until every man and every people
can, in peace, labour for the advancement and welfare
of the family and homeland, the ideals and objectives
which We have proclaimed to the world at Accra and
Addis Ababa, shall not have been attained.
The African peoples can, at this time, by their close
co-operation and mutual assistance, demonstrate to a
world torn by political differences and ideologies and
economic rivalries, a fruitful example of unity and
It is the high mission of us all to build for the future
on this solid foundation of profound unity and understanding
and such are the thought and meaning with
which we are today celebrating and, will, over the years,
continue to celebrate Africa Day.
Confident in the guidance and support of the Almighty,
and concerned as we are, that the fruits of
education and toil may be enjoyed by all and that the
peoples of this continent may, at last, assume their
rightful place in the conferences of nations, we call
upon all to remain steadfast and together, in one continental
brotherhood, to labour for the liberation, the
progress and the welfare of the struggling peoples of
the Continent of Africa."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 120 -


His Imperial Majesty's Statement given to
the Ethiopian Observer for the special issue
dedicated to the Conference of Independent
African States of April 15, 1958, in Accra:

"The convening of the Conference of Independent
African States in Ghana, where responsible statesmen
representing free governments are gathering to consider
together common problems, is a great and momentous
event. As an integral part of the African Continent,
Ethiopia looks back with pride to the role which she has
played in the history of the development of Africa and
looks forward with confidence to the future of this great
In her long and glorious history, Ethiopia, has time
and again, had to struggle against overwhelming odds to
preserve intact her traditional freedom and independence
and to guarantee from generation to generation the right
of free men to work out their own destiny without
interference or hindrance. The world is only now coming
to realize what Ethiopia and Africa have long recognized,
that peace, independence and the prosperity of
mankind can be achieved and assured only by the collective
and united efforts of free men who are prepared to
maintain eternal vigilance and labour unceasingly to
protect these most precious of God's gifts. The sympathy
and support which Ethiopia received from other
African peoples when she was invaded twenty-three
short years ago is ample testimony of the strong
sentiments which unite all free African countries.
In our own life time the world has undergone changes
more sweeping and striking than those seen during any
similar period in history. Technical and scientific
advances have combined to raise mankind to a level of
material achievement never before realized. It is the 
duty and responsibility of the Independent African
States to further this development and to bring the benefits
of modern civilization to increasingly large numbers
of people in Africa.
However, as man's capacity to improve his own
lot has grown, so has his power to spread havoc and
destruction correspondingly increased. The independent
African States must assure that the growing weight
of Africa is enlisted on the side of peace and justice to the
end of avoiding a third holocaust which could well engulf
the entire world and result in the total destruction of
But dwarfing even man's material achievements in
the twentieth century has been the emergence of peoples
all over the world into freedom and independence.
Today, for the first time, men everywhere to whom
freedom and independence were, but a short time ago,
only words, and for whom economic and political self determination
were no more than far-distant goals, have
achieved the status of free men and are directing their
efforts and energies to their own advancement. We are
particularly gratified and proud that this development
has been so marked and widespread on the great continent
of Africa. Africa will no longer be the “Unknown
Continent", for its human and material resources are
beyond measure, and this great continent now stands on
the verge of an economic, political and cultural development
which, when realized, will be without parallel in
In this development, Ethiopia will have its own
particular, and We feel, important role to play. It is for
this reason that We have charged Our beloved Son
Prince Sahle Selassie with the high mission to be Our
personal representative and the head of the Ethiopian
Delegation to the Conference of Independent African
States. Ethiopia knows how hard-won is independence
and how vital it is that men be jealous of
their freedom and be ever prepared to defend it. Ethiopia
knows, as her history has taught her, that the world
is small, and that cooperation among all nations of the
world, East and West alike, is not only possible and
desirable, but indispensable for the welfare of mankind,
Ethiopia knows that the willingness of the independent
States of Africa to co-operate and work together in
solving their common problems and achieving their
common goals is essential to the continued progress of
the African peoples.
It is a propitious omen for the future that at this
very moment the free nations of Africa are giving tangible
evidence of their determination to work together not
only for their own good but for the good of Africa
and the entire world. The task is great. It demands
wise judgment and statesmanship of the highest order.
It requires unceasing labour, a dedication to fundamental
principles and objectives and a determination to
overcome all obstacles, however large. He who suffers,
conquers, and in the final resort, wins the crown of
victory. We pray that Almighty God will bless the Conference
with strength and wisdom and crown their efforts
with success."


Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 49 - & Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 189 –   

HIM QHS at the Eastern African Heads of State Conference, Kampala, Uganda, 1967