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One of Our principal aims for Our people in being always to develop industry in Our country, it gives us pleasure to visit once more the Indo-Ethiopian Textile Factory, an undertaking that We have watched with interest from its very beginning, and one which as We have stated on previous occasions, is a fruitful example of bi-national co-operation.
As Mr. Jada just said, not only is this factory an example in co-operation, it is as well one of rapid success, for in less than two years after its birth, it has expanded to the extent that it has doubled its capacity. On this basis We have no doubt that the new projects in hand of producing rayon products and others will equally come to fruition.
The importance of the industrial sector of Ethiopia’s economy could never be over-emphasized. This is why We have spent so much effort in encouraging the establishment of enterprises of this and other natures in Our country, for the employment and the utilization of Our natural resources in the industrial process would aid immensely in raising further the standard of living of the people, one of Our cardinal aims.
We are very pleased to see a large number of people, men and women alike, employed here and engaged in discharging a role that earns them their livelihood.
It is also apparent that in guaranteeing their welfare and rendering them moral support, the hospital that is about to be built for them will inevitably bring about a praiseworthy result.
Birla Brothers, the Board of Directors, the Management and all those who have worked together for the success of this Indo-Ethiopian Textile Factory should be complimented for a job well done. In expressing Our congratulations on the present accomplishments, it is Our hope that the Company would grow yet further and continue to make its contribution to the development of Ethiopia’s economy.

Mar. 28, 1962

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 529 –   

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