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Speech of The Day (160) - Audience of six cadets of Ethiopian Air Force before leaving to USA for training

On Friday, February 21, 1959, His Imperial
Majesty Haile Selassie I received in audience
six cadets of the Ethiopian Air Force before
their leaving for a six-month training course in
the United States. Below is His Imperial
Majesty's speech addressed to the cadets:

"Our purpose for sending you to the United States
is so that you may become jet aircraft pilot trainers on
your return which we have been informed by your ins-
tructors will take an estimated period of six months.
Our aim and hope when the airforce centre was instituted
were to see that the aircraft flying in our air space be
totally operated by the youth of Ethiopia. We never
imagined that in such a short space of time the Ethiopian
Air Force would have reached the state of producing
its own jet pilot trainers. Moreover, we never thought
that jets would have been introduced in this part of
the world in such a rapid space of time.
In the short period that has elapsed since the incep-
tion of our aircraft training centre the march of time,
which has been faster than we had imagined, has made
it possible for us to utilise jet aircraft. We feel particularly
happy, from the bottom of our heart, to witness
your progress in aviation and your stage of achievement
in flying jets that have made it possible for us to utilise
jet for further studies in a friendly country with the
objective of becoming instructors, which is an indication
that the fruits of our efforts in expanding our air force
are already ripening.
Many sacrifices have been made to reach this stage;
moreover, money and the sacrifice of the lives of our
youth with tempting careers before them. In comparing
these sacrifices with our limitations we find that the
former far outweighs the latter; even more, when we
realise that these sacrifices are responsible for our ad-
vance to the jet-age, our sorrows have been alleviated.
The capabilities which you have shown in mastering jet
aircraft within the past months have proved beyond
doubt that with the proper instruction our peoples could
cope with any type of technical and scientific studies .
By so doing you have made us happy and inspired our
faith that you will study with vigour and enthusiasm
when you reach your destination, that you will not be
ensnared by the lack of industry and that you will achieve
excellent results by' which you will reach your proper
station and afford us the maximum satisfaction.
Because your behaviour, diligence and eyen your
love of work will not only be for yourselves but will also
serve to maintain the dignity of our Air Force and people
you must strive to be praise-worthy while in training
abroad. Beware that if you stop to look you will cast
a shadow upon your fair name. That your flying allowance
may match your added responsibilities we have
raised it, and this is because we have realised that flying
even in peace time, is hazardous and also because we
have noted occasional progress in your training. From
the earliest times up to the present, soldiers have always
sacrificed their lives for love of freedom, country and
sovereign. No gift will gratify the man, who, untrue
to this noble cause, serves for riches alone. The love
of money can determine a man's price. So beware 'of
this trap,,.

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions -page 114-

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