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At the various meetings of the Council of Foreign Ministers in London and Paris and of their deputies as well at the Peace Conference through Our Delegates We have set forth to the world the position of Ethiopia in regard to the return to Ethiopia of territories taken from her by Italian aggression. As first victim of Axis aggression in Europe and the first of the United Nations to be liberated, Ethiopia feels justified in declaring as she has already declared at the Paris Peace Conference, that any return of Italy to such territories would constitute ratification of three aggressions and an act of international injustice. It should be understandable that Ethiopia cannot possibly countenance any return of Italy to such territories other than as a direct and instant threat to one of the United Nations. We are confident that the world will readily understand that the security of Ethiopia would be completely compromised if those territories which had three times served as bases of aggression against her were to remain as such in the future. We have further pointed out that an impoverished Italy who seeks and who continued to receive foreign financial and other assistance at the same time seeks to regain territories in an attempt to launch a fourth invasion of Ethiopia, thanks to such foreign assistance. The case of Ethiopia is clear and requires no further statement. Ethiopia has fought for more than a decade for justice. It is time that she received it ....

Feb. 23, 1948.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 188 –   

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