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Speech of The Day (222): foundation stone of the Chis Issat hydro-electric plant in Bahr Dar

On May 16, 1959., His Imperial Majesty, Haile
Selassie I, laid the foundation stone of the
Chis Issat hydro-electric plant in Bahr Dar.
Below is His Imperial Majesty's reply to the
address made by Major Assafa Lemma, Vice-
Mayor of Addis Ababa in charge of the
Technical Department of the Municipality &
Administrator of the War Reparation Office:

"We are not satisfied with the pace towards progress
and development of Our beloved people but are
confident that the Almighty will assist Us to reach the
designed goal, since Our efforts are directed to see that
the progress made by Our people will keep in step with
that of the other advanced peoples of the world.
As We lay the foundation stone for this small
hydroelectric plant, insignificant among the major
schemes envisaged for the Blue Nile and Lake Tana, We
have almost simultaneously laid the cornerstone for a
textile plant which will, utilising the energy drawn from
this plant, operate for the benefit of the area and its
people. This has been done because We realise that
food and clothing are two fundamental necessities and
We have planned it so that these enterprises would
contribute to the lives of Our patriots and the people of
Gojjam and Begemdir whose blood was shed in the
liberation, and to provide employment for those who are
without jobs. Not only will the electric energy springing
from this project be the basis for establishing other
plants, the electricity generated will give additional beauty
to the proposed city of Bahr Dar.
Prosperity comes not from the mere wish but from
the proper utilisation by each one of you of the talents
bestowed on you by Providence. Gojjam is a country
which possesses fertility of land as well as of patriotism
and you should, therefore, work assiduously so that
this reputation will be maintained for many generations
to come. Our territorial army Proclamation is designed
to help you to preserve this patriotism as well as the fame
of your patriots.
It is Our hope that the tasks outlined in your
speeches you, Assafa Lemma and Seifu Mahtema Selassie,
will be executed with vigour."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 127 -

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