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05.12. - 1 - Speech of The Day - OPENS GHANDI HOSPITAL


Statistical data testify to the fact that our women-folk suffer from diseases and complications that arise out of ignorance and lack of ante-natal care and maternity facilities.
Today, when we open this hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics which is run by our Foundation, we are happy not only because we note with satisfaction that mothers have a well equipped hospital, but also because the hospital which the Indian Community had presented to Us on the 25th anniversary of Our Coronation which We in return dedicated to the memory of the greatness of Mahtma Gandhi, who is marvelled for his dedication and sacrifice the world over, and named after him has now reached this stage.
When we express our concern about the medical care of our people one of the main aspects is ante-natal and post-natal care.
Since the responsibilities involved in a hospital of this nature are great, all of you who have been selected to serve here have to live up to these responsibilities.
We wish to remind you mid-wives and other nurses, to be aware of the fact that you are given to the patients to serve them willingly, patiently and with devotion.
A modern building with all its physical facilities alone is not enough to cure patients, and you should not forget that your will to serve and your smiling faces act as tonics that contribute towards the recovery of the patient.
We hope that the children born in this hospital will be blessed and healthy.
It gives us great pleasure to see that a ward has been dedicated to the memory of Woizero Mentwab Desta, from whom we had inherited some land which we gave over to the Foundation.
We thank all those who kindly donated medical instruments and other equipment for the hospital.

           Dec. 5, 1963
Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie - page 550 –             

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