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10.12. - 2 - Speech of The Day - received 18 students who came from the U.N. Trust Territory in Somalia

His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, received
18 students who came from the U.N. Trust
Territory of Somalia for study in Ethiopian
Institutions of higher education under the Haile
Selassie I Scholarship Scheme on Wednesday,
December 10, 1958. On this occasion His
Imperial Majesty made the following remarks:

"It is Our realization that education is the tested
instrument by which a people reaches its civilised goals
that has led Us to bring you to this country to participate
in the provisions which exist for this purpose.

         A good educational background will enable one
to help himself and his people. The uneducated, on
the other hand, spends his life under the perpetual
guardianship of others, just like children in their earlier
years. The cultured are able to make their own decision
thus avoiding domination by others. And there is nothing
on earth more precious than individual freedom
and community independence.

The value of unity can be best assessed by those
who are enlightened; for such persons it is not easy to
destroy their oneness, because their minds are matured
by education. What guarantees the greatness of a
state? The unity of its people. Division into races,
tribes and sects does not detract from such unity. Sure-
ly you know of such names as the United Nations Trust
Somalia from which you have come; of British Somali-
land; and even in Our country of such places as Kaffa
and Arussi, These are all tribal names given to particular
sections of a country in which they live.

Ethiopia is but a general name for a vast territory
or state. In it live many tribes, but the important idea
is not the several tribes; it is the unity within the land
which they all call their own. As you advance in your
education, you will come to know the benefits to be de-
rived from unity in which you will play a useful part
both for yourselves and your  fellow men. With this
idea in mind, We admonish you to study with all your


Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 96 -

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