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On Thursday, July 25, 1957, His Imperial
Majesty Haile Selassie I, opened the new
Technological Building and laid the cornerstone
for the construction of a new building house for
practical mechanical arts, in the compound of
the Imperial Engineering College. At the
ceremony His Imperial Majesty made the
following speech:

"The benefits of technical knowledge in any country,
in the fields of social advancement and the development
of a nation, are indeed tremendous. In opening this
College, in which technology, one of the products of
scientific achievements is to be taught, and in laying
beside it the cornerstone of still another building in
which practical mechanical training will be taught, We
are ever thankful to God for His blessings for those We
have founded previously.
Many are the countries which have benefitted
immensely from the endowments of science in the fields
of human welfare and national development. It is with
the desire that Ethiopia should share in these benefits
that We have established this College.
Ethiopia, with her vast fertile lands, can compete
with those nations which have attained a higher degree
of prosperity through the development of their
Although detailed studies and surveys have not been
fully made, there can be no doubt that Ethiopia possesses
the necessary mineral wealth for her own use. Moreover,
Ethiopia is endowed with considerable water resources
fully suitable for hydro-electric power stations, which
could contribute to the realization of great development
While these are things basically essential for a
nation's industrial development to become strong and
prosperous, there is one thing else which counts
above all others and in which Ethiopia is, in addition,
endowed by God and which many other countries do
not have - that is freedom.
Many countries, while not lacking in natural wealth
and man-power to enable them to reach a higher
degree of development and self-sufficiency, have, however,
been unable fully to benefit from and to enjoy their
natural riches because they do not possess their independence.
Since Ethiopia has been blessed with the Heavenly
Grace of being a fully independent nation, and only the
lack of adequate education has hindered her from profitting
from the circumstances and advantages of this
blessing, We have personally devoted most of Our efforts
towards the development and expansion of education in
Our country, giving it priority over all Our other duties.
We have, therefore, established this Technical
College, from which the present as well as future generations
may profit. Since it is also Our determined aim to
see agricultural education thrive, it is appropriate to
make mention here of the Agricultural College, We have
established at Alem-Maya in Harar.
Knowledge which cannot be used for practical
purposes is like a flower which bears no fruit. We
realize, therefore, that it would be of still greater advantage
if, at this stage, Our educational planning could be
more directed towards technical training, and We shall
not desist from doing all possible and necessary towards
reaching this goal.
We wish that all of you students who will be trained
in this College shall be able to show your knowledge
and achievements by the services you will render from
the higher technical training you will acquire in this
We would like to express Our appreciation to your
teachers who are devoting their time and energy in
sharing their knowledge with you."

Speeches delivered by His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie Ist Emperor of Ethiopia on various occasions - page 8 -

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