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29.07. - 1 - Speech Of The Day - TO THE WORLD COUNCIL FOR THE BLIND


It is with great pleasure that We have delegated Ato Abebe Kebede, Administrator General of Our Welfare Foundation, and who is also responsible for the welfare and education of the blind in Ethiopia, to attend and participate in the deliberations of the General Assembly of the World Council for the Welfare of the Blind which is to be held in New York from July 30th to August 12th, 1964.
Since the standard of living of the blind people in general is much to be desired yet in the developing countries. We feel that it is your great responsibility to give deep and thoughtful consideration to this problem in the course of your discussions, as well as to study the impact of blindness in the said countries. In doing so, We are confident that you shall be the hope for your brothers and sisters living in darkness at the remote corners of the earth. We also urge the countries who are economically advanced and who have had greater experience in the education of the blind to share their knowledge with others in this field.
We assure you that as long as Our means permit, We shall not fail to support your objectives and closely participate in your activities.
May God bless your work.

July 29, 1964.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 654 –   


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