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To be selected as a military officer and as a candidate for promotion is a high privilege. Although evident that war entails death, the death resulting therefrom is designed to preserve the life of others, to preserve the generation and to elevate the history of a nation or people. This history springs from and can be maintained in part through education which is the basis of one’s behavior.
For example, there are cases when brilliant soldiers from the ranks are promoted to be officers. This is achieved only through character and devotion to duty. History has reserved special places for such men, who although lacking the formal training of a military academy, yet have led armies and have bravely defended their country. Your formal training together with your obligation ought to prepare you to render even better service in the establishment of peace and security.
We are pleased to observe today the skill that you have acquired under the instruction of your own Ethiopian Officers. It demonstrates that you have been devoting your time to constructive ends. Today, however, although you have shown Us your ability which we admire, do not consider this graduation as an end but as a beginning. Remember that you are always students for there is much to learn from experience.
For the good soldier there are three fundamental principles to be observed: to lead a decent and self-respecting life; to work assiduously; and to be ready at all times to sacrifice himself for his country. When he follows these principles, he would have subjugated his personal self to that of his society which is much higher.
A soldier must at all times watch his behavior; he must be cautious, energetic and not swayed by rumors. You must, therefore, choose the means by which you can best exercise self-control and self-discipline. In this, you are now possessed with the important weapon of training by which you can defend your country from catastrophe; through this training you can also elevate your spirit and broaden your mind.
If a man has a particular aim he must work diligently to attain it. It is our intention to ameliorate the living standard of our soldiers because we realize the measure of their sacrifices.
A plan of higher and effective training and the procurement of teachers has been formulated and studied, and will be put into effect soon …..
                                                                                                                                             May 2, 1952.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie – page 47 –

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