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.....The establishment of industries is vital to the development of a nation and to the improvement of the standard of living of its people…..

….. As We open this second sugar factory in Wonji, it gives Us great pleasure in witnessing the expansion of its activities the contribution of which in making Ethiopia self-sufficient in the supply of sugar is recognized.
Those who have been the promoters and pioneers of this great enterprise can derive pride from the fact that they have shown the way, and proved to the world that work in Ethiopia can be most rewarding.
When the first Wonji plantation and factory was started, Ethiopia used to import all her sugar requirements from abroad. Today, she has not only reached the stage of self-sufficiency in sugar, but she has even started to export this product to neighbouring countries. This is a great step forward.
The establishment of industries is vital to the development of a nation and to the improvement of the standard of living of its people. For this reason We wish to assure all those investors who come to Our country to establish industries, that, not only are Our doors open to them but Our constant assistance and co-operation are always available.
During Our recent visit to Awassa We were gratified to witness, the sunflower, pepper, tobacco and other plantations of that district established under the auspices of the Ministry of National Community Development. Our pleasure has been doubled to note the tremendous achievement made in the execution of that project which shall contribute to the improvement of the general welfare within a short span of time.
The work here at Wonji has been a vital factor in the economic development of this region. The benefit of Wonji has gone well beyond those who are employed by the organization, and has indirectly contributed to the improvement of the general living conditions of the surroundings as a whole.
In opening this Shoa factory today We wish to express Our appreciation to all those who have made Wonji a reality.
Our gratitude goes first and foremost to Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands and to Her Royal Consort who have always shown keen interest in economic relations between Our two countries.
We also thank the Managers and staff of H. V. A. both here and in the Netherlands, for their work and devotion. We wish to assure them of Our constant support and interest in the future.
We pray that Almighty God may in His Mercy bless this enterprise and all those who strive to maintain and strengthen its foundations.

Nov. 10, 1962

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie - page 530 -

Ethiopian Sugar cane

Sugar cane near Wondo Genet, Ethiopia

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