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23.11. - 2 - Speech of The Day - LAYS CORNERSTONE OF POLICE HOSPITAL


Once he comes into the world, it is essential that man be bred properly to guarantee a healthy life. When his childhood passes away, he is apt to lag behind his peers unless he educates himself and expands the scope of his intellect.
Though We are not at a stage where We can say We have attained enough, the progress made in education as is in the health services has continued to satisfy Us.
Whilst We are here to lay the cornerstone, it would have pleased Us all the more today had We beheld a functioning hospital assisting patients.
Since man proposes and God disposes, it is Our intense hope that through God’s help, its inauguration will take place soon.
We have stated time and again the tasks and mission of the police. It is necessary that the police have a proven fidelity for the people both in time of peace and stress and also an adequate power not only to attack but also to help those attacked. To assume power, it is necessary to have a foundation for the protection of one’s health and mental condition. These are inseparable.
Since the police man at all times is ready to make a self-sacrifice and doubts cannot be thrown at his sincerity, his force should not be swerving; it should be firm.
Therefore, it is this that is the basis of Our concern for his education, medical and health services.
From what We gathered from your statement, there are some who will go abroad for medical studies and some two hundred are already serving as dressers. Our hope is high that this number will grow by four or five times.
Unless man becomes independent in his knowledge and capacity, what help he gets from others is little. But if he is self-dependent, he may be able to extend help to others.
When you are qualified as medical officers and if not only men but also women are made to participate in the service, that would be the first stage for self-dependence.
In laying the cornerstone of this hospital it is Our prayer that the Almighty will spare us to have the opportunity to participate in its inauguration, and that its medical and health services will benefit Our Police Force.

                                                                                                                                           Nov. 23, 1961.

Selected Speeches of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie - page 547 –             

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