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Speech of The Day (13): Harar Military Academy

Harar Military Academy

Your energy and courage will be tested
in new and unfamiliar ways.

We are hopeful that you young officers, well-schooled in military and technical matters have received in your training one vital element wich will be of great significance to yourself and to your people in the days and years to come. We speak of discipline --- the capacity to control oneself and follow through to the completion what must be done and to place duty first.
We would remind you, however, that iron discipline is not alone sufficient to meet the future. Restraint and understanding are vital qualities for responsible citizens. Your leadership must be that of careful outlook, of strong `esprit de corps`and one of exemplary efforts and dedication. 


The glory and honour wich are your magnificent heritage as Ethiopians remain for you to seek and show. In this new epoch your energy and courage will be tested in new and unfamiliar ways. Ethiopia anticipates that you will do your duty and make her proud of you, as she has been proud of her soldiers, warriors and leaders through the endless generations which have preceded you.


Oct. 12, 1965.

Important Utterances of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I - page 68 -   

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