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Speech of The Day (23) (same as Oct. 22): TOAST TO PRESIDENT LUBKE

Speech of The Day (23) (same as Oct. 22):


Your Excellency, President Heinrich Lubke, Madame Lubke and Distinguished Guests.
We are honoured and especially pleased by the presence here tonight, of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Heinrich Lubke. His visit, the first of its kind, not only heralds a new era in the long-standing friendship between our two countries and peoples, but also provides us all with an unparalleled opportunity for reflection on the particularly warm and friendly ties of friendship which exist today between the Federal Republic and Ethiopia, a friend-ship which is founded on mutual respect for the basic principles governing the conduct of affairs between men and dedication to the cause of peace and justice to all.
For, unless co-operation and mutual considerations in the level of Governments are also added, the effort put toward the achievement of peace cannot be complete.
The unprecedented economic resurgence of the Federal Republic since World War II testifies to the energy and ability of the German people and their leaders and to their capacity to overcome formidable obstacles in seeking a dignified and satisfactory way of life. The events of the post-war years have earned and are still earning for them the respect and admiration of the entire world.
We in Ethiopia have seen a tangible manifestation of the Federal Republic’s recognition of the moral responsibilities which the wealthy and prosperous nations owe to the developing states and peoples of the world, in the extent to which the Federal Republic has involved itself in the efforts which Ethiopia is making today to develop her economy and to bring the blessings of modern technology and learning to the Ethiopian peoples. We also recall the sympathy expressed by the German people when Our country was invaded by the enemy. It is, therefore, only proper that We express Our personal gratitude for all this and, We look forward to even closer co-operation and collaboration in the future.
In the short time that you will spend with Us, Mr. President, you will have the opportunity to come to know at first hand of the beauty and rich potential of the Ethiopian nation. You will see at first hand something of the proud heritage and culture of Our country and experience the traditional hospitality which the Ethiopian people extend to those whom We respect and honour. You will, We are confident, come to understand and appreciate the fierce desire of the Ethiopian Government and people for progress and improvement. You will see what vast wealth resides in the fertile soil and the great watersheds of Our nation. When you take leave of Us, We hope that you will carry away with you warm and lasting memories of the friendship which unites the Ethiopian and German peoples as well as a practical knowledge of the problems which face Our nations so that relations between Us will continue to be characterized by that candor and mutual appreciation which has been their hallmark in recent years.
It is with very real pleasure, then, that We raise Our glass in a toast to you, Mr. President, to Madame Lubke, to your health and happiness, to lasting friendship between Ethiopia and the Federal Republic and to the prosperity and well being of the people of your great nation.

    Oct. 23, 1964

Important Utterances of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I - page 541 -


State Visit 1964: Medal bestowal -  Haile Selassie with German Bundespräsident Heinrich Lübke and his Wife Wilhelmine and Walter Scheel at the German Ambassy

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