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Speech of The Day (22): Military Academy – Harar

Military Academy – Harar

…You are commanders tomorrow …

“ … Ethiopia is anxious to preserve and safeguard peace not only to herself, but she is also equally desirous that others enjoy it, and that men live in happiness and in a stable and better world.

You should note that discipline and orderliness are inextricably interwoven with every facet of military life; each and every one of you must strive diligently, free from any triviality, so as to be able to pass on to the next generation of Ethiopians the maximum of your benefits.

Henceforth, the soldiers you command as well as your superiors will be keeping a critical eye on you to assess your knowledge and qualifications. If you are negligent of this fact, people will not think much of you. If, however, you dedicate yourselves to duty, you stand to benefit much from it in the long run.

We will not pass without making mention of the great happiness and honour that We today feel in having with Us Our great guest, His Excellency Dr. Heinrich Lubke, President of the Federal Republic of Germany. This coincidence should make you all more happy also.

May the Almighty God help you acquire the quality of duty-mindedness, enable you to be vigilant both in body and mind, and thereby facilitate your work in the future so that you may serve your country faithfully and loyally and bring Our combined efforts to final fruition.

 October 23, 1964

Important Utterances of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I - page 52 -

HIM  QHS during Graduation Day at Haile Selassie I Harar Military Academy


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